The Cheapest Commodity

So on this entrepreneurial journey I've been learning some fantastic lessons.  The one that's freshest on my mind of late was sparked by a quote by Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich" (A great read in my opinion). The quote begins "Opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth."  At first I wasn't sure if I agreed, but I've been chewing on this thought for several weeks now. Also, I've noticed some changes in myself that are swaying me towards his perspective.

My thoughts about responsibility is one of the first things that I noticed had changed. That included my views on responsibility as well as those things I considered to be my responsibility. Being responsible for myself means a little something different now than it did when I was working for someone. Chiefly, I am now responsible for the survival of my dream. 

The difference in my views on responsibility naturally lead to a difference in choice making. My rationale is different. That's because what is now important to me is also different. The vision I have for myself has changed since I've embarked on this journey.  My responsibility is now for the growth and success of a business that is deeply personal to me. 

Now to the final thought. Choice making correlates directly to a belief in one's self, or at least the belief that he or she can accomplish the vision they have chosen for themselves. Here is where I pause a moment. I now believe that protecting one's own belief in their ability to achieve the object of his or her chief desire is of the utmost importance. And I believe that because I now believe that the entrepreneur's most precious commodity is the belief that he or she can accomplish their chief goal in life. In stark contrast to this most valuable item stands the world's cheapest commodity - everyone else's opinion on the matter.