New Feature Update

So we've been speaking to folks who are patiently waiting for the app to drop in the app store at the end of this year and one thing is beginning to come out of those conversations. Some folks want the flexibility to roll-over their saved funds into another "Partner" (Savings Instance) and continue to save with other people. Now to be clear, we are not offering banking services, however, we think this is not a bad idea to accommodate these "rollovers". It affords users who are more supportive types to be able to finish one partner and roll right into another one that's just starting without needing to cash out. This allows the user to continue to hold friends in another "Partner" accountable as well as support them in their savings goals. This is totally in-keeping with our philosophy so we think it's a great idea!

Another idea we've been toying with is allowing users to keep the money they've saved in the "Partner" until the last person in line has deposited their savings so everyone receives their cash payouts at the same time rather than by their order in line. We want there to be a choice for our users as some don't mind getting the money all at the same time, while others would like the ability to receive the cash earlier which is one of the benefits of using Tomo™. Both scenarios will be accommodated in the app and we think it's great that we can offer features that our users will enjoy.   If you have any ideas or suggestions - let us know in the comments section below.