Major Lessons I've Learned Building a Startup

As I'm working feverishly towards the getting my beta complete and verified, I can't help but note three lessons that I've learned thus far. That's not to say I won't learn any more in the future but these three really stand out as items I would certainly tell myself years ago.

1.) No man is an Island - I don't know who said it first, but they were certainly right when they said that "teamwork makes the dream work". As an entrepreneur, you really get tempted to stay in your head and work everything out there. It's really helpful to have a team of folks to depend on and to give honest feedback. Oftentimes, there are items we can't see that are more obvious to others looking from the outside in.

2.) Have a Marketing Strategy - You don't have a product if you don't have customers. Period. When building an idea, be very careful not to spend time building a piece of art and not a real functional business. Sometimes we as entrepreneurs get so caught up in building out the exact replica of what we had in our heads that we neglect the question - do people actually want this? After that question is asked, you've got to reach the people you are solving an issue for. I realized that you can't just build a product or start a kickstarter and just expect people to understand and support you if you don't have a plan for reaching and communicating with them in the first place.

3.) Believe - Seems obvious, but it deserves repeating. If you don't no one will. There are a ton of people who will gladly tell you you're nuts, or what your doing is going to fail. Even if they are right, so what? As Steve Jobs said, "The journey is the reward". Every day I see more and more why that's true.