Today's Pain - Tomorrow's Gain

Today we're planning our first fundraising event! I'll be sure to post all the details on our events page as well as on Facebook and Twitter. There is a lot that goes into planning these things and you don't want to miss any details. We've got some super cool prizes and we can't wait to connect with all of our supporters and future app users! We'll be hosting the event at Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen in Brooklyn. 

As an entrepreneur, sometimes you want to only focus on app development, design and marketing, but you've also got to do event planning as well! I've partnered with some awesome people so I'm sure the event will be a success and I can't wait to connect with folks that I've only dealt with digitally. Again, more details to come soon, but I'm making an effort to keep everyone posted on what I'm doing and how the app is coming along. Talk to you again real soon!